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Librarian of Willow Hollow: Plot Reveal Blog Hop

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Eeek! I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you more about my novella. We had agreed as a team early on that we would leak information little by little as we drew near publication date. And it’s finally time to share a glimpse of the plot. … BUT we thought we’d have a little fun with it first. We’re all revealing something about our plots today, except that we scrambled them up. So I’ll be revealing Faith Blum’s this morning! 


All Lillian wants is to share the gospel with people, but she is too shy.
When a storm and her horse causes an elderly man to be critically injured,
she must make a choice between her shyness and sharing the gospel.

Now how perfectly does that fit the title? Isn’t it lovely? I’ve enjoyed watching each of these stories take shape. 
I know you’re eager to hear about my plot, and I can’t wait to share it with you … but you have to find it first. Please visit the other three authors and read about the other books in the series while you hunt for info on Hearts on Lonely Mountain. Have fun!

Faith Blum 
Alicia G. Ruggieri  
 Amanda Tero 

For continual updates, follow each author online: 

Amanda Tero: Facebook and Website
Faith Blum: Facebook and Website
A.M. Heath: Facebook and Website
Alicia G. Ruggieri: Facebook and Website

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FREE E-book: The Accident by A.M. Heath

Accident copy

Hockey season starts THIS week! 🏒
That may not mean anything to you, but it means a great deal to Chris and Ashlyn, so to celebrate I’m offering The Accident for FREE until Friday. 📚
Enjoy and share with a friend!

Accident Quotes 2

“A sweet, thoughtful take on a different kind of romantic beginning.”
~ Laura; reviewer

Writing an epistolary had been on my bucket list, so this was such a treat for me to write. Not only did I try my hand at epistolaries, but I also weaved in some Predator Hockey love throughout the novella. Here’s my favorite hockey-inspired quote: 

Accident Quotes 3

So whether you’ll be cheering on your favorite hockey team or not, I invite you to pick up this story full of heart, romance, honest trials, Godly wisdom, family love, and, yes, even a touch of hockey.
And if you’re a hockey fan, respond back and let me know which team you cheer for!

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A Season Passed E-book Sale

Season Sale

Great news! Both of my A Season Passed novels are on sale this week. Grab one or both or share with a friend. 
*Both novels are also available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. 

AmazonLiz If Only It Were Yesterday 

Liz Cooke has two problems in life: Her social media is filled with brewing political conflict and her idea of a perfect man seems to have gone extinct a century ago. Inspired by the contents of an antique trunk, Liz dreams she time-travels to 1885.

As she sets out to enjoy the Victorian era in all its glory, armed with knowledge gleaned through historical novels and period dramas, will she find the past to be all that she thought? And does the right man for her exist only in her dreams or has he been in her life all along?

Loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland, A.M. Heath brings you a fun read chock-full of humor and whimsy with a special message for the avid reader in all of us.

Final 1600x2400 Yesterday’s Christmas

During a snowstorm, Betty Tanner finds herself stuck with her estranged husband. Spending Christmas with Glenn wasn’t what she had in mind, and her mind reluctantly travels back three decades to their first Christmas together, when another snowstorm caused her to wreck her car outside the Tanner home …

1954: Stranded with the Tanners over Christmas, Betty is forced into the company of Glenn, who had spurned her for years. But as the snow falls outside, the walls between Betty and Glenn begin to crumble, revealing a side of him she never knew existed. A side she longs to know better.

Pride and bitterness can make a beast out of anyone. And the hardships they face in their relationship are of their own making. But can following Christ’s ways lead Betty and Glenn to the reconciliation they long for?

A.M. Heath invites you to spend Christmas with the Tanners in a dual-timeline novel loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast. You’re sure to fall in love again and again.

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Librarian of Willow Hollow Reveal: Meeting my Heroine

Series Graphic

It’s time for a brand new reveal! Today we’re giving you a peek at our heroines. 

Allow me to introduce you to my newest sweetheart: Ivory Bledsoe. She’s known for being extremely pale-skinned with light blonde hair. She’s outgoing and kind … but has a problem with being anywhere on time. 


Good news! The other gals are revealing their heroines and cover models today as well. Be sure to drop by each of their blogs to meet all four of the librarians of Willow Hollow. 
And join us next month when we share the plot behind each novella. 

I Love to Tell the Story by Faith Blum 
The Secret Place of Thunder by Alicia G. Ruggieri 
A Strand of Hope by Amanda Tero 


For continual updates, follow each author online: 

Amanda Tero: Facebook and Website
Faith Blum: Facebook and Website
A.M. Heath: Facebook and Website
Alicia G. Ruggieri: Facebook and Website

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Book Review: Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Davidson Politano

500Raina Bretton is a rag woman in London’s east end when a handsome stranger appears in a dank alley and offers her a glittering smile and a chance for adventure. Rothburne Abbey has a unique position for her, one that will take her away from her hardscrabble life and give her a chance to be a lady. Things she could only dream of might be coming true. But some dreams turn out to be nightmares.

Though Raina has traded squalor for silk and satin, something about the abbey is deeply unsettling. As she wrestles with her true identity, the ruin, decay, and secrets she finds at the heart of the old mansion tear at her confidence and threaten to reveal her for who she really is. Only one man stands between her and the danger that lurks within–and only if he decides to keep her biggest secret hidden.

What I Loved: Politano has a knack for crafting something original and inspiring. Finding Lady Enderly had a slight gothic feel to it with this overarching mystery and the setting of a crumbling abbey. But things are more than they appear. The novel was entertaining, romantic, and the way she weaved in classic novel quotes was delightful. But better than all of that was the deeper message within about our identity being found in Christ and how the outer will eventually reflect what was always on the inside. If you haven’t read a Politano novel yet, you’re truly missing out.

Rating and Recommendation: I give Finding Lady Enderly 5 stars and recommend it to those who enjoy Christian Historical Fiction, especially those who enjoy Brittish settings.

~ I received a copy from Revell. I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one. All thoughts are my own. 

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Tales of Faith 3 Month Tour by Amanda Tero: Month 3

Banner Three Month Tour

This is it! It’s my final post in the three-month tour, which means it’s almost release day for Protecting the Poor. I want to go on and on about how excited I am for this story, but I don’t want to repeat the review I’ll be posting after the release. But I will say that it’s my favorite of the series. 

PP Blurb.jpg

Keep reading for a sneak peek … 

Dumphey removed the last of the rye bread from his pouch. He had but a few minutes before training would begin at the barracks. He knocked on the door of Widow Anith. As soon as he heard footsteps approaching, he laid the bread in a cloth at the doorstep and hurried away. He watched from the shadows as the door opened and a young lass bent down to examine the bread. ’Twas the same lass who always came to the door, no more than four years of age. And, as always, the lass took the bread then looked around—as if making sure a soldier wouldn’t steal it from her—before rushing back inside and shutting the door.

Another lass would not go hungry tonight. Warmth spread through Dumphey as he set off toward the barracks. Eight paces away, he stopped. Unease prickled the back of his neck. ’Twasn’t the first time he felt like he was being followed this week. He spun around as a sword swiped toward him.

Excerpt from chapter one, “Protecting the Poor”

Square cover reveal 04.jpg


Do you want to get a signed copy of “Protecting the Poor?” Order here!


About the Tour

In anticipation of the release of “Protecting the Poor” (book three in the Tales of Faith series), Amanda is guest posting or being featured on over a dozen blogs each month. Each post is unique to the blog—an inspirational post, an article on the writing craft, an excerpt from one of the Tales of Faith books… you’ll just have to visit each blog to see what comes up. 😉 Amanda will link to each blog on With a Joyful Noise, so check in every week and see what blogs have a special Tales of Faith feature!

About Amanda

Amanda Tero began her love for words at a young age—reading anything she could get her hands on and penning short stories as young as age eight. Since graduation, she has honed her writing skills by dedicated practice and study of the writing craft. She began her journey of publication with a few short stories that she had written for her sisters and continued to add to her collection with other short stories, novellas, and novels. It is her utmost desire to write that which not only pleases her Lord and Savior, but also draws the reader into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Connect with Amanda


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Book Review: A Glitter of Gold by Liz Johnson

410hV02ZerLAnne Norris moved to Savannah, Georgia, for a fresh start. Now her pirate-tour business is flagging, and paying the rent requires more than wishful thinking. When she discovers evidence of a shipwreck off the coast of Tybee Island, she knows it could be just the boon she needs to stay afloat. She takes her findings to local museum director Carter Hale for confirmation, but she runs after a disastrous first meeting.

Carter has been searching for the location of the wreck detailed in the worn pages of an 18th-century diary, the discovery of which could open the door to his dream job at a prestigious museum. But convincing Anne to help him fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle is no easy task. And working with Carter means that Anne will have to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again: trust a man.

Finding a monetary backer and sticking with a search that’s turning up nothing will take all their dedication–and every secret they’ve tried to hide. If they can find the lost ship, they may discover a treasure worth more than all the pirate gold in the world–love.

What I Loved: Liz Johnson is one of those authors who always surprises me when I pick up a new book. I forget how perfectly smooth and comfortable her writing style is. It’s not overdone or underdone, it’s JUST right.
A Glitter of Gold has been a highlight of my reading month. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why that is, and I think it’s because there’s so much working together so flawlessly.
Anne and Carter are delightfully, broken characters. Anne, in particular, is someone who I don’t relate to well, but she still comes across so real and relatable despite our differences. The setting comes across as authentic. I’m not a beach-going gal but it’s been refreshing to visit this coastal setting and to hear about these pirate legends, both real and fictional.
If you follow me for any time at all, you’d know that I’m a historian at heart. The only thing that equals a historical novel in my eyes is a time-slip novel. Although the setting is contemporary, we’re reading a journal written in the 1700s. And both storylines are very well done!
And she brings it all together with a solid message for the soul. I found myself highlighting sections toward the end dealing with grace.

Rating and Recommendation: I gladly give A Glitter of Gold 5 stars and I recommend it to those who enjoy Christian Fiction, coastal settings, pirate legends, and time-slip novels.

~ I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All thoughts are my own. I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one. 

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Librarians of Willow Hollow Novellas: Titles Revealed


It’s title reveal day! If you’re following our social media pages, you would have heard about the novella series at work. But what you haven’t heard are the titles of any of these stories. Until today! 

Before we share the titles, we wanted to have a little fun. I have for you a title scramble. We’ve removed all significant words for our titles and mixed them around. Now you get to try your hand at putting the titles together. 

Can you get all 4 titles correct? 



When you have all 4 guesses, scroll down for the answers. But as you scroll down, enjoy these authentic horseback librarian photos. 






Answer Key: 

I Love to Tell the Story by Faith Blum

Hearts on Lonely Mountain by A.M. Heath

The Secret Place of Thunder by Alicia G. Ruggieri

A Strand of Hope by Amanda Tero

We hope you enjoyed playing our title scramble. Let me know in the comments how many titles you got correct. You can follow each of the authors for continual updates. And be on the lookout. We have another reveal coming up this Fall. It has something to do with the plots of each of these novellas. 😉 You’re going to love it! 

Amanda Tero: Facebook and Website
Faith Blum: Facebook and Website
A.M. Heath: Facebook and Website
Alicia G. Ruggieri: Facebook and Website


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A New Facebook Group: Tea Time with A.M. Heath

Group Concept (1)

Announcing a New Feature!
I opened a private Facebook group so I can better connect with my followers. So now, in addition, to following the author page I have a private group for you to join.

My public page will now hold all the updates on my writing as well as links to my blog posts and other public pages.
My private group will primarily feature conversational posts. It’s not a spoiler group, so anyone is welcomed to join.

I hope to see you there! Be sure to share the link with other Christian Fiction fans!