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Behind the Scenes: Character Development: The Withdrawn


If you’re finding this post for the first time, you’ve entered into the middle of blog series on character development. My purpose for this series is to laugh along with fellow authors at the antics of our characters as well as pass along some proven tips. For the reader, I hope to entertain them with tidbits about their favorite characters that they most likely didn’t know simply by reading the book.

Fictional characters, you see, have a personality on and off the page. They are as real as any one of us. And like us, they aren’t always easy to work with. Some characters are naturally open and willing to talk. Others need more encouragement. You can read the previous posts on Easy Going Characters and Underdeveloped Characters if you like.

Today I want to talk about those Withdrawn characters. These are the characters that are fully developed, have a story to tell, but just aren’t so open to telling it. They need some coaching. How would you draw out a shy person in the workplace or at school? You’d find something that interested them and talk to them about it. You’d make a point to sit down and conversate with them.

Rose Forrister is one of my newest heroines that you’ll meet on the pages of Out of the Ashes. Rose has a wonderful story to tell and an amazing, spit-fire of a personality. But for some reason, she didn’t want to open up to me. I thought to, quite literally, bake her favorite orange scones and sit at the table with her to chat when something unexpected happened. She sang.

I was listening to a Kelly Clarkson cd when I found Rose’s voice. Her motivation. Her story. Her personality. They were all wrapped up in this one song. Suddenly scenes and dialog were coming to light. This beautiful character that had so perfectly hidden from me was suddenly revealing herself and all I had to do was play the song.

I soon discovered other songs to associate with other characters and their storylines. This became a wonderful tool as I plotted out the novel and even as I wrote key scenes.

Authors: Have you used music in developing any of your characters?
Readers: Interested in hearing some of the characters’ favorite songs? Keep reading. 🙂 

Rose’s song is Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. She seemed to really like Kelly and agreed with nearly the entire cd. When we first meet Rose, she’s recovering from a broken heart. Someone she loved most of her life has tossed her aside, leaving her feeling vulnerable and a little bitter. Well, a lot bitter. If Rose were to call into her favorite radio station tonight, she would dedicate this song to Archie Dunnaway.


Without stirring up any comments or spoilers, here’s a song that Eddie Chandler dedicated to Claire. And what a beauty!! This was one of the first songs that a character spoke out on.


There are two songs that remind me of Frank Harper. The first one always makes me cry.  It’s the story of his salvation. The second song shares the struggle he battles in the upcoming release. Enjoy them both!!


George Chandler is more of a quiet man. I’ll share about my difficulties with this particular character next week, but suffice it to say that I’m not the only one he withholds from. He’s a sweetheart through and through, but he’s not so open about his feelings. That’s where this next song comes into play. When I heard If I Let You Go it had George’s name all over it. The second song, More Than That, shows his tender side. He’s willing to love and love greatly. Now if only he can convince a certain gal of this. 😉
I listened to both of these songs countless times while working with George’s scenes. It helped me keep in touch with who he is and his storyline.


Melissa Lowe is another new heroine that I’ll introduce you to in the pages of Out of the Ashes. I’m not ready to say too much about my dear Melissa but I will let you know that she’s in love with someone that doesn’t love her in return. She’s such a patient thing and Anytime by Kelly Clarkson comes from her heart.


When fan favorite, Ralph Williams, finds himself in the dog house there is no other song that showcases the heart of this broken man quite like this one does.


And for one last song! Completely, has become the theme song for Out of the Ashes. I’m not sure I ever hear this song anymore where I don’t hear Ralph, Frank, and George’s voices ringing out. The broken spirit and need of God’s healing touch is the very core of the story.


I’d love to hear back from you! Did you find yourself connecting with one of the songs from my characters? Are you more intrigued by one of the characters based on their chosen song?


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Behind the Scenes: Character Development: The Underdeveloped


I’m doing a 4-month blog series on character development. I want this series to be both for the writer and the reader. I hope to fellowship with other authors and pass along some tips while also entertaining the readers by showing you a side of your favorite characters that you’ve never seen before.
If you’re finding this series for the first time, you’ve entered in on the 2nd post. I’ll post the next installment on the first Monday of May. Here’s a link to last month’s post if you missed it.

I’m a learn as you go sort of gal. When I started writing, I hadn’t planned on it. Meaning, I didn’t attend college with the thought of writing fiction. In fact, I hadn’t even picked up my first book on writing until I had written my first novel. So there were several things that I learned later in my journey that might have made things easier to have known up front. Character development is one of those things.

If you read last month’s post you would have read a list of easy to work with characters. I truly had a writer’s dream cast in my first novel and didn’t even know it! With characters ready and willing to spill their guts and allow me into the dark corners of their minds, it’s little wonder that I was confused when I came across a character that wouldn’t speak to me. After working with Claire, Frank, Olen, and Ralph in Where Can I Flee, I wasn’t prepared for the withdrawn Sally Chandler in In the Shadow of Thy Wings. So why wouldn’t this sweet gal talk to me?

So why wouldn’t this sweet gal talk to me?

I sought the advice of a dear friend of mine, Dana Kamstra. Dana, along with being my writing buddy, is a gold mine for writing advice. She approaches writing the way any serious student should: she studies it. So she’s my go-to gal when I need a new technique. She helped me to understand that an underdeveloped character won’t speak. She also passed on one of her favorite (and now one of my favorite) writing books, Plot versus Character by Jeff Gerke.

Plot vs Character helped me to understand which questions to ask and how to layer the many details of any character together until you have someone that looks and feels real. One of the focal points is understanding the character’s Briggs Personality. And this is where the fun begins… 🙂

For those that have never heard of Briggs, let me explain. He basically narrowed down 16 foundational personality types. By answering a series of questions, they’ll determine your personality type. If you’ve never done this for yourself, try it out! It’s fun and enlightening. Take the test for free here.

And then enjoy my favorite site for gathering extensive information about the personality types.

As an author, this is now one of my first stops to character development. Once I have a personality type determined, I’m able to see how this person may react to different situations and it helps me understand them.

Now for some fun, let’s talk personality types. I had taken the test and learned that I am ISFP – The Artist
Once I began exploring the personality type, I found that it made a lot of sense. Suddenly I understood why I found beauty in random objects like a plate of food. Other oddities suddenly made sense, like how I can’t stand to be locked into a schedule. I like the freedom to decide what I want to do and when I want to do it. I seriously have never been able to resist rebelling against my own schedules. Lol
I hate conflict but am a great listener and peacemaker. I pick up on the feelings of other people and am a good judge of character. A perfectionist and fiercely loyal.
It’s been helpful to me as I dug deeper into my personality type and began to understand the whys behind the things that I never noticed about myself before. I stopped trying to schedule myself and embraced my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mentality.

How about your favorite characters from the Ancient Words Series
Claire Harper: ESFP The Performer
Claire is at home being the center of attention. She’s fun-loving and chatty.
Frank Harper: INFJ The Protector
Frank tends to stick to things until they’re finished. He’s sensitive and quietly forceful.
Eddie Chandler: ESTP A Doer
Eddie is spontaneous and compulsive. He’s a man of action and not words.
George Chandler: ISFJ The Nurturer
George is very responsible with a deep desire to serve others. He’s gifted at observing other people.
Sally Chandler: ISFP The Artist
Sally is very quiet and kind. She’s sensitive to the feelings of others and she HATES conflict.
Ralph Williams: ENTJ The Executive
Ralph is a take-charge kind of person. He’s a natural leader and a long term planner.

Now it’s your turn! What is your personality type and how does it fit?

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Behind the Scenes: Character Development: The Easy

80Have you ever enjoyed a movie or tv show and been so caught up in the chemistry between the characters on screen, only to be shocked to learn in an interview that behind the scenes the actors hated each other? The hero in your favorite show is actually a jerk when the camera isn’t on. He shows up late, he brings his nasty attitude, or he’s so drugged up that it’s a wonder they were able to film at all. Or the leading lady known for stealing hearts on screen is the most difficult diva on the face of the earth.

Well, let me let you in on a little secret we authors know all too well: the same can be said for literary characters. You’d think that with the written word, the author was the one in charge. But, Nooooooooooo. Nothing could be further from the truth.
You see, there’s a reason why readers often comment on how real the character felt. Or how the characters just came to life. It’s because they ARE real. And like real people, they have different attitudes and different work ethics. The author’s job then is learning how to connect with each character so that they can find their story and share it with everyone else.

I’ve worked with some diverse characters recently and I want to share my experiences with you. I want this to be a fun and encouraging experience for everyone.
For the reader, I want to show you some insider information about some of your favorite characters. I’m going to show you which ones were easy to work with and which ones I had to coax out of their shell.
For the fellow author, I want to laugh along and share the common experiences together as well as share some techniques that have been successful for me.
I intend to share these fun details in a new blog series that I’ve titled, Behind the Scenes: Character Development. You’ll find a new installment to the series on the first Monday of every month. Today, we’ll kick it off with those Easy-Peasy Characters.

An easy to work with character would be a character that needs no coaxing. Someone who is always ready to share the details with me. Someone whose voice appeared in my head so naturally that I knew them from the first moment.

If you’ve read my series, it should not surprise you that Claire Harper would top the list of easy characters. Claire is known for being a chatty person and she’s exactly the same off the page. I never had to beg her to reveal scenes to me; she was always ready to talk. Her brother Frank is just like her, although he’s less chatty on page. From day one, Frank was willing to sit down and tell his story.
Their father, Olen, is known for being extremely quiet so it might surprise you to know that he’s extremely easy-going. Olen is most known for being laid back and delivering a timely one-liner. He’s often seen sitting quietly as everyone, mostly Claire, commands the entire scene with her chatter, but then seemingly out of nowhere, he speaks. And in that moment, he says so much more than anyone else in the room. And behind the scenes, Olen is the exact same way. He’s quiet by nature, but there’s an openness about him that makes him easy to work with.
Ralph Williams was another easy character for me to work with. He’s not as chatty as Claire by any means, but then few are. But there’s such an openness about him. He doesn’t feel the need to hold back or hide from me. The beautiful thing is when you get two very open and willing characters together they simply write the scenes themselves.
Eddie and Rachel Chandler, Danny-Ray Coffer, and Jimmy Allen were all easy characters to work with. Their roles were smaller but I didn’t have to find them. When it was time to step onto the page, they were ready and willing to do their part. No questions asked.

Chapters 5 and 15 are both very popular scenes from In the Shadow of Thy Wings. Both are between Claire and Ralph and go down as the absolute easiest scenes I’ve ever written. These two know how to play off of each other so naturally. If only all scenes were written so effortlessly. Lol
Speaking of playing well off of each other, Claire and Frank have a natural talent for smooth scenes together. Being close friends and twins may have helped. 😉 My favorite and most effortless scene between the two is found at the end of chapter 13 of In the Shadow of Thy Wings.

I may have given you the illusion that all characters are simple and my job is pretty easy peasy. And for that, I’m sorry. Lol My job is anything but. I started you off with the easy guys first. But next month, I’ll introduce you to one of my more difficult characters. You’re gonna love it, I promise!

I’d love to hear back from my readers. Were you surprised to see some of these characters on my list for easy to work with characters or had you imagined them this way all along? Are you confused about not seeing someone on there that you thought would have made it? 

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February’s Writing Blitz: Love Never Fails: Week 3


If you follow me on Facebook, you might have heard about my husband’s trip to the ER. My husband’s lung spontaneously collapsed Friday morning. There was no rhyme or reason for it. No way to prevent it. The only answer they could give him was that this is fairly common in tall, skinny men. However, they normally only see this in men over 60 or younger guys between 18-22.
So what is a collapsed lung? The doctor explained that the lung leaked out air, putting air in between the lung cavity and the lung itself. This pocket of air doesn’t allow the lung to fill properly, leaving it in the collapsed position.
This is extremely painful. And a bit unnerving to know that this could happen on a whim without a hard hit to the chest.
The lung, however, will heal itself and the body can absorb the air in time. Because John’s case wasn’t so severe and his pain was the biggest issue, the doctor gave him the option of having a tube put in his side to draw the air out or just waiting a few days to see how things go on their own. He chose to wait, so now we wait until Wednesday to find out if there is any improvement. If there isn’t any improvement then he’ll need to either have the tube procedure done in the office or go for surgery and a longer hospital stay. The surgery doesn’t sound like fun, but they have reason to believe that this has happened before so there is a greater chance now of it happening again. The surgery can prevent this from happening to him again.
How is he today? He has permission from the doctor to return to work just as long as he can handle the pain he’s in. Last I checked, he seemed rather uncomfortable so I’m surprised he went to work. If at any point he feels that it’s getting worse, he’s supposed to call the doctor and head to the hospital.

When life surprises you, you have to just roll with it. I had major plans on the writing front but happily set these duties aside to handle things here at home. Because I spent the entire day at the hospital, I wasn’t at my desk that morning, putting the finishing touches on my progress report. Lol I apologize for those that read it. I didn’t have my finished numbers in the post or any of the links. I know you’ll be understanding, so I’m just gonna laugh this blunder off and move on. I am bringing the finished progress report to you today with some updated goals.

As mentioned, I’ve reached the half-way point in the first draft which means that I’m now going downhill. Similar to riding a bike downhill, my job suddenly seems easier and faster. I switched my goals around last week and started counting the number of scenes I’ve written instead of focusing on word count. I tend to do this when I’m nearing the end. It seems easier to count down the scenes as I  hone in on the ending. My goal last week was to write 6 complete scenes and I have written 9 scenes with a total of 7535 words for the week. There were days when it seemed impossible to write so all glory goes to God!! Now for your new clue…

Are you ready to hear something about our pal, Ralph Williams? I’m not ready to say much since I have to be ultra careful here with spoilers, but I CAN give you a song that I like to use as inspiration for his love life. Suffice it to say that our hero finds himself in the doghouse and will find himself begging for a second chance. Whether the lady will give in or not is yet to be seen. But you can hear the beat of his heart in the Backstreet Boys’ song, Crawling Back to You. Enjoy!


Week 4 Goals: I’m bouncing back and forth between throwing myself in my writing and pulling out another vacation card so that I can focus on my family and housework. I think my home needs some extra attention at this point.
I’ve decided to write as I’m able, but I’m not setting any goals and there will not be any progress report on Friday. Lord willing, I’ll come back swinging in March. 😉 I’m praying about finishing the entire first draft by the end of March. This will be a hefty challenge.

Prayer Requests: Clearly, we’re in need of prayers for my husband’s health. You’ll find updates on Facebook. Please continue to pray that God blesses my time and my efforts. Also that I’ll have a clear mind and be able to work unhindered when it’s time.

Catching Up: You can read the previous progress reports and the clues I’ve given out so far.
And just for fun, I have pulled up a previous post featuring some random facts about the Ancient Words Series. It was originally linked to a giveaway which is no longer in progress.

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February’s Writing Blitz: Love Never Fails: Week 2


If you’re following on Facebook, then you may have heard that I reached a few important milestones early in the week. I decided the timing was right to take a little break and rest up some. Turns out my plans, as always, are in God’s hands and my 3 school children were snowed in with me for all 3 days of my vacation. This made the timing perfect since it’s extremely hard to write with 3 boys and their little sister hanging around. 😉 

Now back to those milestones: 
I’m officially at the halfway point in the Out of the Ashes draft!!
The draft is now over 100 pages long (computer pages)!
AND I’ve crossed the 60,000 words mark!!

Even though I didn’t meet my goal for the week, I decided to share another clue just because I’m in charge and I can do things like that. Lol I’m bringing to you my favorite quote from the novel so far.

I had introduced a new character to you last month named Melissa Lowe. Melissa is shy and uncomfortable in social settings which is pretty tragic considering she’s on the hunt for a husband. After another big upset, she’s seeking the comfort of her loving Mammy who shares some beautiful advice with her. Melissa wants to know how to be sure when she’s found the right guy to which her Mammy replies, 
“…You’ll know he’s the one when he works at lovin’ ya.”

This is the first quote that I’ve shared from the novel and I hope you enjoyed it and the subtle advice on how to love others. Let us never forget that more than emotional, love is action. Love is a verb. That’s why we can add “d, s, and ing” to it, after all. 😉 I hope you act loving every day, but as you set out to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, remember to show love in action.

Next week’s goals: I’m gonna change up the way I track my progress simply because I’m in charge and I like to do odd things like this from time to time. Lol Instead of tracking word count, I’ll be tracking the number of scenes I complete. I’m setting the bar on the low side but praying to go above and beyond that. My goal is 6 completed scenes.

Prayer Requests: Please pray that God blesses my time and efforts. I’d love to double my goal but I’m still feeling a bit sluggish and I see some interruptions on the horizon.

Catching Up: You can read the previous progress reports and their clues by following the link.
And just for fun, I’ve pulled up a link on love. I had hosted a love song contest where fans dedicated a love song to the couples from my series. We had a lot of fun. You can read the results here.


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February’s Writing Blitz: Love Never Fails: Week 1


I’m picking up the speed and writing more these days. My goal for the week was 7,000 words and the Lord has blessed my efforts with 9,682 words for the week! As promised, I’ll bring you another clue from the new novel. Keeping with the theme of love for the month, all clues in February will be centered on the upcoming romance. I hope you enjoy!!

It’s difficult to know what I can share without giving away spoilers for those that haven’t read or aren’t finished reading the first two books. I mentioned that George Chandler is moving up to a main point of view character. I’m not ready to reveal too many details behind his story, but I will share the songs that I keep on my playlist to help inspire his scenes. These songs really show the heart of George throughout this story.
For those that have finished Shadow, they may be slightly confused over the theme of these songs. When we last saw George he was on his way to marry Lena. Well…let’s just say that things don’t go as planned and Lena throws him a curve ball that he never saw coming. 😉
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this look into George’s story line!

If I Let You Go by Westlife and More Than That by Backstreet Boys

Goals for Week 2: I’m hoping to keep up with my current writing goals so I’m praying for at least 9,000 words next week. I’m closing in on a major milestone in the novel: The completion of the first half of the novel!! Follow me on Facebook to hear the news when it happens.

Prayer Requests: Please continue to pray for a blessing on my time and wisdom as I start plotting out the details for the second half of the story. I have a general plot in place, but the details seem to elude me most days.

Catching Up: You can read last month’s progress reports and the clues I’ve given so far.
For fun, check out these links on Victorian style clothing:
An Inside Look at Ladies’ Fashions in the 1800s begins with a quick guessing game to see if you can properly layer a woman’s undergarments before explaining how things go together.
Ladies’ Fashion in the 1800s takes you through the many styles of the century.
Claire’s Wardrobe and Sally’s Wardrobe shows off dresses in the novel as well as dresses that inspire the characters.
Godey’s Fashions, my review of an adult coloring book featuring Victorian fashion.


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Sally’s Wardrobe


The only thing that makes the movie better than the book is getting to see the clothes!

Lol Men may not agree, but it’s hard on most ladies when they’re left to their imagination where the clothing is concerned. Especially in historical novels. So I’m going to do you a favor and let you peek inside Sally Chandler’s wardrobe. Some of the following pictures were real pictures that I had in mind as I wrote a scene and others are just great examples of what I imagined her wearing.

If you missed Claire Harper’s wardrobe, you can view it here.


I want to show you two of the dresses used in the novels. The first is a dark blue dress mentioned in chapter 3 of In the Shadow of Thy Wings. And the ruffled gown is featured in chapter 16 in Where Can I Flee only Sally’s dress is pink.


Another favorite from the novel is Sally’s peach ball gown featured in both novels. I had mentally designed a peach gown with white embroidery and sadly was unable to find a likeness for it. The close up embroidery work was the best that I could find to help us imagine what her gown might have looked like.

As lovely as the ball gowns are, most days Sally wears something much simpler. While she would wear day dresses from time to time, I actually pictured her wearing a skirt and blouse combo most often. Here are some examples of common everyday wear.

And just for the fun of it, I took Sally Pinterest shopping. Here are some things she selected. Sally tends to be drawn to layers of lace and delicate ruffles. Her color palate is all over, but she prefers light colored formal wear.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Sally’s wardrobe. Did you find anything here that you’d love to borrow?


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January Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31 Week 2


The month is moving right along and thankfully so is the new manuscript. I set my goal for 7,000 words for the week and ended at 7,625.
I sincerely praise God for every word written. There were several times when I sat done not having anything in my head to write at all only to walk away exceeding my goal for the day.

I shared with you the name of a new character that we’ll meet and a small idea of what we’ll find in chapter 1. This week, I want to share another character with you, but he’s someone you’ve met before. George Chandler will be joining the ranks of Point of View characters in the next novel and let me tell you, he has quite the story to tell. 😉 I’ve enjoyed working with his story line this week and I hope you’ll welcome him as a most beloved hero. I’ll share a little more about what’s in store for him another day, but for now, let’s take a look at the image selected to become the face of George. Notice the mischievous glint in his eyes…almost as if he’s secretly laughing at someone. This picture capture the image and personality of George, but I will point out that the REAL George Chandler has brown eyes. 


Week 3 Goals: I’ve hit a few snags this week and it’s clear that I need to spend more time researching. So I’m lowering my word count goal to only 4,000 words. I also want to tackle 2 Reconstruction subjects and finish the journal that I’m reading.  If I succeed, I’ll bring you a new detail from the unfinished story.

Prayer Requests: Please continue to pray for a blessing on my time and my mind. I’ve hit a snag in Frank’s plot that I’m praying my way through. Kim Hampton is stepping in to help me with the research which is an answer to prayer.

Playing Catch Up: Here are some helpful links if you’re just now meeting me or my characters.
You can catch up on the Writing Blitz posts by clicking here.
You can get to know the real town of Maple Grove here and explore the real setting that helped inspire the fictional town.
If you’re ready to read the Ancient Words Series, now is the time to catch up while I’m working on this highly anticipated release. You can pick up copies of Where Can I Flee and In the Shadow of Thy Wings in both paperback and ebook form on Amazon.




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January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 1


There was a slow start to my writing blitz this month, but I’m picking up steam. I set the goal for 5,000 words for week one, and I’m happy to announce that I finished with 5,847 words!!

Since I met my goal, as promised, here’s a little peek into the new novel!

We will catch up with our old friends from Maple Grove, but I’m setting the stage for the new story by opening Out of the Ashes up with a new character: Melissa Lowe. When we meet Melissa, she’s in the middle of a rather awkward scene, and it’s one that I have a feeling you’ll enjoy. 🙂 I’ll share more of her story in the days to come.

For now, let’s talk about next week’s goal. I’m praying for at least 7,000 words next week. If I make it, I’ll share another secret about the novel in progress.

Prayer Requests: A blessing on my time, the ability to focus with words ready to be typed out. I also need to work on some research and would appreciate prayers for a smooth road there. I seem to have important details playing hide-and-seek with me. Lol

Playing Catch-Up: In case you missed anything, here are some links you might enjoy.
If you’ve stumbled upon this Writing Blitz page feeling lost, check out last week’s intro.
Whether you’re new to the Ancient Words Series or a passionate fan, you’ll enjoy getting to know the characters better by reading their profiles where I share a variety of details, some of which is not found in the novels.
Claire and Frank Harper
Sally Chandler

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Fiction Friday: January’s Writing Blitz Intro


Great news!!! It’s finally time for me to put all of my focus and all of my energy on writing the next book in the series!!

I set out to participate in NaNoWriMo back in November, but since I was also weeks away from publishing In the Shadow of Thy Wings, my NaNo experience was short-lived. I looked ahead into January and began praying about how I wanted to handle my writing months. And I’ve created something fun and interactive with the fans. I think you’re really going to enjoy it. I’m calling it: January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31.


I want to start off my writing season with a big bang. But while I know that being prepared and putting in the effort makes a difference, ultimately, the increase is in God’s hands. Not only do I want to give Him the glory for it all, but I also want to keep this truth at the center of my month.
As seen in the picture above (which is my actual desk, by the way), I have restocked my tea pantry, I have research books on hand, and a stack of inspirational quotes to encourage me along the way.
Since you won’t be around to drink any of this tea with me, and you won’t be allowed to read over my shoulder as I type (which would actually drive me crazy and I’d never get anything done), you might be wondering where the fan-fun stuff is. So let me explain…

When I entered NaNo back in November, I set some goals in place and promised myself certain rewards when I reached them. Sadly, I didn’t hit ANY of my goals that month. I want to work with weekly goals and rewards again for my writing blitz, but instead of buying something fun for myself, I want to reward my readers. That’s right, for every goal I reach, YOU get the reward!! I’m going cheap this month, so I won’t be handing out any paperback copies of anything. 😉 But I WILL share insider details about the work in progress.
I’ll check in every Friday with a new goal for the upcoming week and a progress report for the completed week. And if I’ve hit my goal, I’ll share something fun from the new novel. We’ll see pictures of characters, quotes, and valuable information about the upcoming storylines.  The goals will be adjusted from week to week. And I already have a new blitz theme for February where the rewards will focus on the romance in the new novel.

I hope you’ll enjoy following my writing efforts this winter! I officially start writing TODAY! You can watch the progress bar on your right. We’re starting the month off with 22,046 words!
I’ll report back next Friday with my results and, hopefully, with your first reward.
Week One’s Goal: We’re keeping it simple this week with only 5,000 words. Lord willing, I should reach this goal easily.

I’m going to need cheerleaders and prayer warriors. Please send a word of encouragement anytime you feel led to. I’ll also be in desperate need of your prayers. I need clarity, a blessing on my time and efforts, and protection from the enemy.
The sooner I get a completed draft, the sooner you get a finished copy. And if you’ve finished the first two novels already, then I KNOW you’re eager for me to finish Out of the Ashes.
For those of you who haven’t read my series yet, I have a special treat for you. BOTH books are currently on sale on Amazon in ebook form. *This is a series you’ll want to read in order. Follow the links to grab your copies today!
Where Can I Flee
In the Shadow of Thy Wings