On My Desk

On my desk

These are the novels in progress. They are at various stages, so stay tuned to hear the latest. 

Painted Memories Painted PNG

Getting over Grady was the hardest thing Olivia Jernigan ever had to do. Now, three years after his death and on the verge of marrying another, her plans come to a screeching halt when she receives a shocking wedding gift from her great aunt that may change everything—a picture painted by her deceased fiancé. Bent on discovering the truth, Olivia flees home to learn what really happened to the man she thought loved her, a man who was supposed to have died in the Korean War.

Grady Barnes woke up in a hospital room three years ago with no knowledge of his identity. The only memory to resurface was the image of a woman. A woman he can’t stop painting. Will these paintings be the key to helping him find his way home, and how can the woman in the painting affect the direction of his life?

Olivia and Grady have a history, but do they still have a future?
Or is their romance just a painted memory?

The Art of Love is a series compiled of stand-alone novels where the characters tell their own stories and love means so much more than passion.
Painted Memories is projected to release in 2020. Stay tuned! 

The Christmas in Garland Collection: Instead of one Christmas novella, I decided to create an entire collection of them. The goal is to publish a new novella every year. I’m hoping this will be a fun new Christmas tradition for me and my readers.

Garland Collection surprise


Scrooge 1600x2560

Can Scrooge find love from a friendship gone cold?
Sanford Stone cut ties with his best friend, Natalie, in favor of the love of his life … a woman who ended up walking out on him just before Christmas. Six years later, Sanford can’t bring himself to celebrate Christ’s birth with any joy. Little does he know, his grandmother and her companions have dubbed him the Scrooge and intend to help him overcome his bitterness and find happiness again.
The only thing that has hurt Natalie Dunivan more than Sanford cutting her out of his life has been watching his long-held grudges slowly destroy the man she has always loved. When Ms. Carol devises a plan to reach out to Sanford, Natalie eagerly agrees.
Sanford accepts his grandmother’s challenge to celebrate Christmas for 31 straight days, but he didn’t count on her plan involving Natalie. Can his family and friends help their Scrooge see the error of his ways, or will Natalie’s presence only make things worse?

Release date: To be announced

Also on my desk: I’m in the early stages of what I hope will be 2021’s release. The Birth of Grace is a stand-alone novel inspired by my grandmother. You can catch the details of the story here

Grace Final 1600x2400

 I have another standalone novel in the works. I hope this will be among my 2021 releases, but it’s still too early to know for certain. This one is a bit different from my other works, and you can hear more about it here.


Courthouse Final

For the first time ever, I’m joining 3 other authors for an upcoming series. You can learn more about this series here