Blog Schedule

As a Christian author, I want to bring you a blog that offers behind the scenes information about my books, edifies its readers, shares historical tidbits found during my research, and showcases other great Christain novels. 

The basic breakdown: Monday is a themed post, Wednesday you’ll find book reviews, and on Fridays is Fiction Fridays where you’ll find either writing updates or a fiction review.

Monday’s Theme Schedule:
1st Monday – About My Books. Look for fun new posts featuring my books.
2nd Monday – Christian. A post to edify, encourage, and sometimes even rebuke Christians in their walk.
3rd Monday – About Me. I’ll share random things about myself and lists of my favorite books.
4th Monday – History. Fellow history lovers will enjoy the variety of posts.
5th Monday – Miscellaneous

Book reviews are posted as needed. Some Wednesdays and Fridays are skipped over.